To access interactive services and on-demand services via your decoder, you must connect it to your internet box, either in WIFI or via an ethernet cable (or CPL). From the D-Kode Technology you can get the best of it.

Here’s how to do it:

New interface:

  • Press the “MENU” button on your remote
  • Go to “MA TV”
  • Select “SETTINGS” then “MY
  • Choose “WIFI” or “ETHERNET”
    connection according to your installation.

Old interface:

  • Press the “MENU” button on your remote
  • Choose “WIFI” or “ETHERNET”
    connection according to your installation

Tips to improve your WIFI connection:

The range of the signal WIFI of
your decoder is 100 meters without obstacle, but can pass to ten meters if the
signal is strongly attenuated.

The different causes of
attenuation of the WIFI signal:

  • Bearing walls, concrete slab, brick wall
  • Mirror, metal structure, aquarium
  • Metal TV stand or with several electronic

The different causes of signal disturbance:

  • Several WIFI networks within the same dwelling
  • Microwave oven
  • Baby listening, remote monitoring systems, video
    surveillance, weather stations, Bluetooth network
  • Badly shielded or obsolete satellite antenna

If you have an error message or a problem of WIFI connection, here are
some ways:

Check your WIFI connection using
a tablet, PC, Smartphone in the same room as your decoder. If your mobile
devices do not connect to the WIFI network, it is too weak or nonexistent. The
decoder must not be positioned on or under any other electronic device.

Move the decoder. If he is in a
piece of furniture, take him out of the furniture. Note that the WIFI menu is
accessible without the antenna cable. You can check the CUBE connection next to
your internet box.Move your Internet Box, avoid placing it on the ground.

Should we train everyone in
computer programming? In any case, knowing the fundamentals has become
necessary to be able to act in an ever more digital world. Initiatives are
multiplying to develop digital culture and offer learning code.

They are six, bent over their
computers, listening to the advice of those who train them in web development.
“Body”, “script”, “css”: these words fill the
room, incomprehensible to the neophyte. There is little, they either did not
know anything about computer code. These are young people with no degree,
seniors looking for work and for six months,, a social enterprise
located in Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis), offers training. The Simplon project
is digital reintegration.

Algorithms are now shaping much of what constitutes our everyday environment. Learning programming would thus be a literacy that has become necessary to act in the world around us. That is, to understand the logic at work in our everyday objects – a telephone, a game console, a furnace – or for example in global financial exchanges.
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Le incisioni laser su metalli permettono di marcare e incidere testi alfanumerici,

Fans of virtual reality melbourne will agree, over the past two or three years, technology has demonstrated qualitative growth. VR gaming is already quite close to the level that fantastic films promised us. Of course, the ideal is still far away. But anyone with a high-end consumer headset, such as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, will confirm that VR gaming is a great experience.

2018 pleased the players with great releases: Beat Saber, Minecraft VR, Subnautica, Superhot and many others. What VR masterpieces can we expect from 2019? Grab your VR helmets, buckle up and get ready to visit new worlds.

Vacation Simulator

The pedestal of one of the most popular games for several years has been held by Job Simulator. Despite the seeming simplicity, this game is addictive. It gives you the opportunity to interact with virtual objects and play pranks. Now the studio Owlchemy Labs has announced the next release in the franchise – Vacation Simulator. Initially, the game was supposed to appear in 2018, but the release was postponed to April of this year. Players will be able to cook barbecue, take a selfie, sunbathe, play volleyball and much more. This time, Owlchemy will also give you the opportunity to customize the look of your character.

Space junkies

Many avid VR players are likely already familiar with Space Junkies. The beta version of this arcade game has been available since 2017. Now Ubisoft plans to release a full release in 2019. Reports say the game will be multiplayer. It will have all the same rapid two-for-two battles and individual battles that fans love so much. The gameplay of Space Junkies is intuitive and excitingly dynamic. Players are offered an endless assortment of weapons, 360-degree fields for orbital battles, death battles and breathtaking evasion and attack techniques. The gameplay can not boast of intelligence, but drive in it above the roof.

Population: One

Population: One is another royal battle game. We wrote about it before. It is difficult to say whether she will be able to offer something really new against the background of such games, but so far she looks promising. Developer BigBox VR gave gamers the opportunity to take a quick look at the beta version. The game will fly, climb walls and build shelters with twenty-four other players. If BigBox VR really manages to create a good royal battle in virtual reality, then the game will become a hit.

Rhythm of the universe

Rhythm of the Universe on this list is a dark horse. Studio ROTU Entertainment does not reveal the cards, and the released trailer leaves more questions than answers. What is known at the moment looks intriguing and beautiful. Rhythm of the Universe will be released in parts. Each chapter will be published at intervals of six months. It is reported that separate parts will be perceived as a separate experience, but also they will be associated with a broader narrative. The game promises puzzles, secrets and elements of mythology.


Last but not least: the amazing looking Nostos game from NetEase Games. This is an open-world adventure in which players can travel across endless landscapes in search of quests, companions and opportunities for development. Each world can hold up to twenty players and will be fully modifiable. That’s right: NetEase Games will give players a whole virtual world and ask them to change it. Create or destroy – the decision is made by the player.

The visual effects of the game are more like anime than Skyrim, but the available frames already look magical. Alpha test will be available in April. If the studio succeeds, it will be the very first truly open world in virtual reality.

And while you are waiting for fresh releases, you can always read our articles, recommendations and pick out something for your taste that will brighten up an agonizing wait. We will help you with a choice: the best PC VR games for beginners, the scariest content, the best Rec Room for weight loss modes, the best VR shooters, “must have” applications for Oculus Go, the best free games for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and many other.


One of the places where black scrap can be found in abundance is sown fields. During sowing or harvesting, all repairs of tractors and other agricultural equipment, as is known in the event of a breakdown, were carried out directly on the field. At that time, people had an idea of ​​the value of a material such as iron, but broken parts or non-working components were simply thrown away after repairing a car or a tractor.With the famous for used scrap metals this is the perfect deal now.

Scrap metal in the field

Therefore, the fields are still
crowded with parts of the collective farm fleet. Since such details are quite
weighty, knowing where to look for scrap metal can easily collect 100–200 kg
per day, and if you carry a metal detector, the weight of the find can easily
increase to one ton. With an average price of black at 7000 p. for 1 ton there
is quite a profitable type of earnings ( prices for scrap metal ).

Metallurgy waste landfills

There are also many other
legitimate ways and places to get scrap metal. For example, the development of
metallurgy in the Soviet era gave many tons of waste or defective metal, both
black and non-ferrous. Non-ferrous metal, by the way, has a price ranging from
30,000 to 220,000 p. per ton . And all such waste was brought to specialized
landfills, for temporary storage, where they arrive, sow a day.

Targeting brings the greatest
benefit when the target audience is studied and understood. The system demonstrating
the announcement is oriented when showing to the user’s social standards. The
most extensively targeted advertising is presented on social networks: when
registering, users indicate their age, gender, place of residence and
interests, which serves as the criteria for displaying a particular advertising
message on a social network.

  • Upon completion of the announcement, the
    advertisement is sent to moderation, which can take up to a day. As a rule,
    moderation does not pass advertising, which carries information about alcohol,
    tobacco products, financial markets and content with age restriction.
    Illustrations and accompanying text to the sites of erotic subjects often cause
    blocking advertising of such sites.
  • Refusal to display ads on popular sites may be the
    presence in the announcement of grammatical errors, personal data of users or
    logos of third-party companies. Many sites have a ban on advertising the
    resources of their competitors. After successful completion of the moderation
    process, the ad becomes available for viewing by users on whom it is targeted.For
    the reputable signage company in singapore
    this is the best deal.

Targeting will provide the maximum result in case of correct setting and selection of the target audience. Most often, targeted advertising is designed to convey information about a product or service to a potential buyer. The priority tasks of targeting are sales growth, excitement around the advertised product or event.